My SO Belittling Emotions

TL;DR My SO is making me feel like my emotions are invalid and it’s hurting me mentally/emotionally.

My boyfriend [18M] and I [18F] had a small but very hurtful argument. Long story short I said I was very anxious about very little things and that I didn’t feel safe. He got very mad because he thinks I can’t handle situations and that I said that I didn’t feel safe. I know how I operate, and I know that it is true that I don’t handle situations well at all. Minor or Major I’m just bad at handling myself.

So he tells me he’s mad at me for being anxious over these things and he stopped talking to me via text and then went to sleep. When I told him I didn’t feel okay to be alone, he still left because I wasn’t going to “keep him from his sleep”. I was very clearly upset and all I really wanted was some comfort. But he showed no care for my emotions and basically just invalidated them. Obviously this left me crying and now making this post.

He has done these things in the past where I feel like I’m not allowed to be upset around him because my reasonings are “dumb” or “stupid”. I’m human, I worry about things. I don’t know what I should do about this. Is he a good person for doing this? Would there be any good reason to invalidate something that obviously making the other very upset?


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